Meet the Team

The aim of our team is to ensure that each event is memorable and worth sharing. Big Sky Cinema is an organisation tuned not just to share great cinema experiences, but to have real relationships, to laser-lock on delivering top notch customer satisfaction and to do all the above in ways that matter, count, last, endure, inspire, amaze, and delight–and to do it habitually, consistently, and repeatedly.

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Outdoor Cinema Entertainment team member - Amy

Amy joined the Big Sky Cinema team following owning and managing Screen 22 Cinema, (The World’s Smallest Cinema) in Nottingham for six years – she’s a self-confessed cinephile with a particular love of soundtracks. She became involved with our pop-up cinema venture due to a love of sharing the magic of the big screen with audiences and creating memories for all.

She manages our social media and content, as well as being the lady to answer any questions you may have about film choices and media licensing. She’s likely to be found capturing the fun at our events with a camera and will be setting up the screen and projectors with our other team member Iain to ensure you experience every moment perfectly.

  • Fun Fact
    Amy once interviewed Steven Spielberg! (She used to be a film critic).
  • Favourite Film
    It frequently changes as she see’s so many but ‘Almost Famous’ is always in the top 5.
  • Favourite Film Character
    Ripley from the Alien franchise.
  • Top Cinema Snack
    Sweet and salted popcorn (our’s is pretty good).
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Open Air Cinema Entertainment team member - Iain

Iain’s journey with the Big Sky Cinema team began many, many miles away in Africa – in Meru where he headed up a project to provide a cinema experience where sadly there just aren’t lots of cinemas per town. He worked hard to establish a cinema experience for locals and their community.

We consider him our technical wise wizard, like Gandalf minus the staff. Iain has decades of experience in running live music venues and working with specialised equipment – in short; he’s our tech whisperer.

He’s the person to chat to about any technical requirements you have, any queries you may have about our screens and sound systems and how much power will be required to ensure your event runs smoothly.

At events, you’re most likely to find him moving speakers, checking sound levels and ensuring that all runs smoothly and enjoying the feature from behind the screen.

  • Fun Fact
    being neurountypical is nothing but laughs and giggles.
  • Favourite Film
    Forbidden Planet.
  • Favourite Film Character
    Judge Dredd (2012).
  • Top Cinema Snack
    No favourite cinema snack… if you can’t manage not eating for a few hours there is a problem, get help!
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Outdoor Cinema Entertainment team member - Steve

Steve made the original equipment purchase for Big Sky Cinema linking up with Open Air Cinema in the USA.

Steve is our logistics man of the team; he’s also who will be organising the catering for your event and at our public screenings. Part of our organisation includes Super Kitchen. Thus we have the poetic licence to create culinary delights to suit your event’s theme if required or provide a buffet to feed everyone.

At events, Steve is found greeting, meeting and serving the audience with his catering team from our fantastic food truck and serving freshly popped popcorn for you to devour as the sun goes down and the film lights up the sky.

  • Fun Fact
    Steve shares a scary resemblance to superhero Mr Incredible!
  • Favourite Film
    The Shawshank Redemption.
  • Favourite Film Character
    Audrey Hepburn.
  • Top Cinema Snack
    I’m the noisy one with Nacho’s & Cheese!.
BIG SKY CINEMA love to work with smaller venues, film clubs and private events with our smaller screen set up which suits an audience size of up to 100, for those more intimate celebrations and experiences