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Outdoor Cinema Events – How to prepare and enjoy them!

The Big Sky Cinema crew ( find out about us here) firmly believe that Outdoor Cinema screenings are a magical place where you get to experience your favourite films in a brand new way whilst (hopefully) being under the stars.

Wherever you choose to watch a film is instantly a magical environment as you’re transported off into a world of escapism – yes even when watching and listening on public transport on your phone. These days we have so many options and everyone’s preferences are catered for, it’s great but for most nothing tops the magic of a big screen environment.

Multiplexes are great and with options like IMAX, 3D and even 4DX available in most cities now there’s something to please everyone but have you experienced the most magical of all the options? Have you personally seen a film in the wild? 

If not then why not make your first outdoor cinema experience this year? We have plenty on offer – just take a look over here.

Outdoor cinema as an industry (largely due to the film licensing costs) is quite prohibitive which means that smaller operators tend to stick to classic films, as opposed to venturing into more experimental waters. This creates a wonderful atmosphere as most of your fellow attendees know the film as well as you do and there’s an instant camaraderie as quotes are spoken and words are sung along too without fear.

We’ve put together our top 3 tips for how to enjoy the awesome unrivalled experience of outdoor cinema for you.

Top tip 1 for enjoying an outdoor cinema event is to have fun!

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Unlike in traditional cinema environments interaction, applause and even singing along is entirely encouraged! If we are showing your favourite film then, of course, you know the lines so quote them loudly and proudly – no-one will shh you and it’s highly likely you will be surrounded by fellow film fans who are doing the same thing – which just adds to the happiness shared in the audience.

The whole point of taking the cinema experience that we all love so deeply outside is to add more fun to the experience. We want you to remember these events for years to come and create some everlasting memories with us, we want you to tell your friends about the summer that you enjoyed your favourite film in a beautiful location.

This said it’s a friendly environment that we create and making friends is encouraged, chat before and after the film about plots, your favourite characters and moments.

Tip 2 for enjoying outdoor cinema is all about preparation!

Packing for all weather conditions is sensible, ensuring, of course, there is a cosy blanket or two. We live in England after all, so we need to ensure we are prepared to enjoy a night under the stars. The worst thing about outdoor pursuits and experiences is often that the pesky unpredictable weather can cause issues, so we find that the key is sensible preparation as our events go ahead even with rain (unless it’s deemed to be dangerous wind speeds/weather).

If you’re bringing along children then you can even make it a fun experience even at with the preparation stage – getting little ones to pick their favourite wellies, sunglasses and pack a ‘survival pack’  to cover all elements with all their favourites. For adults, we’ve seen all sorts brought along to add comfort to screenings (we provide chairs at most venues) from deckchairs to inflatable sofas and obviously cosy blankets through to small tents to lie down in.

Films can’t screen until the sun goes down – we have to wait for it to be bright enough for the picture to be perfect for you as we rear project the film to the screen. This in mind, the temperature can quickly drop at some points in the year so having an extra jumper or scarf is always a handy idea – plus it double up as a something to cosy up into or under.


Tip 3 to enjoy the outdoor experience is to enjoy the experience with home comforts.

The ultimate best part of outdoor cinema has to be the lack of restrictions, you’re likely to be in a fun and unusual location for your film watching experience so embrace it. Food offerings and refreshments will be available at all of our events, as we have our own food truck, a popcorn machine with freshly popped popcorn and of course we’ve got a selection of locally made ice-cream flavours to tempt you too.

We suggest making a day of it with a picnic and bringing along some drinks (there is a bar available at most of our events) and grabbing some ice-cream from us will all just add to your magical experience. So picnics and pennies are key. We can accept card at most venues (connections dependant) so bringing cash is always appreciated – especially in remote locations.

Most of all we work hard to create an enjoyable and memorable experience for you to cherish (whatever the weather). Our aim is that you’ll love the atmosphere so much that you will join us again, share your experience on social media and next time bring along friends to share it with. 

If you aren’t sure what films we are screening this year, or which brilliant venues we are working with then please take a look here.

See you in the wild!